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Chloe - Hadassa - Online only

Chloe - Hadassa - Online only

GST Included |

Welcome to our made to order page.  


Get your unique dress at a fraction of the retail cost today!


All dresses listed on this page can be ordered to size and can have possible minor changes done to the dress if required.  This dress is not available to try on in store. Dresses take approximatley 3 months from the date of order to arrive at our store.  Rush orders are possible on request (additional fee added for rush orders).


The color of the dress shown - ivory with nude V-neck wedge on the corset and nude straps


Please note this dress cost listed is without a train and with no design changes. There are also sizing fees for sizes ordered EU46 (NZ 16) and up.  


For a 30cm train - add $70

For a 50cm train - add $120


For design change costs - e.g. adding sleeves, off shoulder sleeves, closing gap between bust - please contact us


Sizing fees: (Please see sizing chart in our info section to work out what size to order)


Under US size 14 – there are no additional sizing fees.

US16 – US20 - $120

US22 – US24 - $180

US26 – US28 - $240 minimum (exact price will need to be quoted through designers, this can increase up to $300) If there is a difference, this will be required to be paid once dress arrives.  Notification of price difference will be notified to client at time of order confirmation from Designers.

US30 – A quote will need to be received before sizing fee is determined. Estimation will be between $300 and $450.  This is determined by the dress ordered and the cost of the materials for that dress.


For directions on how to measure yourself - please see our page on this website titled "Whats my size" This will give you instructions on how to measure yourself.  Please note to work out your size for this designer you must aline your measurements with the chart listed in the info section on this page.  Do not use the sizing chart we have for our store on the "Whats my size" page.  If you need guidance to work out your size please contact us and we would be happy to offer any advice. 


Please see our Additional Info section on this page for our Terms and Condtions;


1. Sizing and Fitting

2. Weight Loss/Measurements/Design Changes/Late Orders

3. Colour Deviation

4. Postage

5. Defects and Refunds

6. Order Cancellations


If you would like to have this dress ordered in - please contact us info@dylinsbridal or through our contact page on our website and let us know the below;


1. Name of dress you want to order

2. Please let us know your preferred payment options (see payment option in addtional info below)

3. Size you want to order or measurments of Bust, waist and hip and we can help you select a size

4. Colour choice


We will then put your order together and email you an invoice to make payment.  Order will be placed within 24 hours of receiving during weekdays and up to 48 hours if on the weekend. (Sun and Mon)



  • Sizing Chart

    Size US

    Size EU

    Bust CM

    Waist CM

    Hip CM



    80 – 83

    60 – 63

    88 – 91



    84 – 87

    64 – 67

    92 – 95



    88 – 91

    68 – 71

    96 – 99



    92 – 95

    72 – 75

    100 – 103



    96 – 99

    76 – 79

    104 – 107



    100 – 103

    80 – 83

    108 – 111



    104 – 107

    84 – 87

    112 – 115



    108 – 111

    88 – 91

    116 – 119



    112 – 115

    92 – 95

    120 – 123



    116 – 119

    96 – 99

    124 – 127



    120 - 124

    100 - 103

    128 - 132



    124 – 127

    104 - 107

    132 - 135



    128 – 131

    108 – 111

    136 - 139



    132 – 135

    112 - 115

    140 - 143



    136 - 139

    116 - 119

    144 - 147

  • Payment Options

    We offer 2 payment options;

    1. To order this dress in we ask for a 75% non refundable deposit with balance payable when your dress arrives. 

    2. Payment in full at the time of order. 

    Please note you can choose to pay this through either of the below;






    Bank transfer


  • Sizing & Fitting Terms and Conditions

    Custom dresses are ordered to size not measurement. Measurements are taken to ensure the correct size is ordered.  Due to the dresses being tailored by hand please allow for slight difference in placement of patterns/appliques/beading etc..  Alterations will be required to ensure the dress fits your exact size and height. Hemming will always be required.  


    1.              Sizing & Fitting


    Our tailors try to reserve extra fabric inside seams to allow size modification. In some cases, this is not achievable depending on the design of the dress.

    For custom-made items (either in custom colour, style and size) that have NO defect or quality issue, we DO NOT accept returns or issue a refund. If a buyer wants to return and request a refund because they have had a change in circumstance, or changes their mind, or does not want it anymore, or weight alters and the item no longer fits, there will be no return or refund processed. Please see options below.

    Alterations when the dress arrives are a separate cost, with a seamstress of your choice.

    When you dress arrives you have 15 days to try on your dress on.  After 15 days a request for a refund or remake for any defects will no longer be valid.  Any defects after those 15 working days, Dylin’s Bridal will not be responsible for alterations, replacement, or refunds.

    Once you have tried on your dress within 15 days of your dress arriving, Dylin’s Bridal responsibility for your dress ends.  All further communication is to be done with your chosen alteration specialist.

    If your dress size differs by more than 2 sizes;

    A) You are recommended to find a local seamstress to do the adjustment. In this case, we will reimburse you for up to 20% of the product price to cover alterations (excluding shipping cost, and appointment fees) at our discretion once we have spoken with your chosen Alteration Specialist.

    B) You may return the dress to us, then after consulting our seamstress that the alterations to make the dress fit is not achievable and/or there is not enough time to re-order your dress you will be entitled to a full refund. (excluding shipping and appointment costs)

    C) Measurements will be retaken at time of pickup if sizing issues occur.  Any dresses received via post with sizing issues occurring, a face to face appointment will be required at our base in Taranaki or one of our many pop-up shops around North Island. Notification of any sizing issues needs to be received in writing (email) within 15 days of your dress arriving. Any notifications after this time frame will make any requests for alterations reimbursement or refunds void.  Dresses will need to be fitted in person for refund or alteration reimbursements to be valid. In person fittings need to be completed within 4 weeks of notifying Dylin’s Bridal of any sizing issues.  

  • Weight Loss/Measurements/Design Changes/Late Order

    Weight Loss/Measurements/Design Changes/Late Orders

    A) If you request your custom gown to be ordered into smaller size due to expected weight loss, this will make    your request for a refund invalid should your size not alter, and the dress made to that size no longer fits. (Please be aware that weight loss can affect some parts of your shape, but not others.  For example; if you lose weight over your hips, but still have a pouch on your tummy etc

    B) If measurements are done by a third party and not a Dylin’s Bridal employee, and the dress ordered is not the correct measurements, this will make your entitlement to a refund void/invalid.

    C) There are risks involved with orders requested with design changes/additions/removals, should you not like the changes when the dress arrives, this will make your request for a refund void/invalid. However, if the original design of the dress is defective, you will still be entitled to alteration coverage mentioned above, and/or re-order/refund conditions.

    D) If you choose to have your dress ordered at a later date and the dress becomes no longer available, your deposit is non-refundable.  You are however able to choose another dress to be ordered from the Dylin’s Bridal Collection. We do our best to keep informed of lines being cancelled, however on occasion lines have been cancelled with no notice. If this does occur a replacement dress needs to be chosen within 4 calendar months of the notification that your original dress choice is no longer able to be ordered in. Replacement dress must be of equal or higher value of original dress chosen.  No refunds will be issued.

  • Colour Deviation

    Colour Deviation Issues:

    A) Colours are subject to the dress and design choice made. Designers have different names and tones. For colour deviation caused by monitors or cameras, it is not considered a quality defect, we don’t accept returns or refund in such a case.

    B) Satin dresses and/or lining will have slight changes in colour.  This is due to Satin fabric not being able to be exactly duplicated.  Once a roll of satin material is used, it is impossible for the Satin to be exactly replicated.  Please allow for ­slight colour difference.  This is not always the case but does happen on occasion.

  • Postage


    A) A standard postage fee of $30 will be required prior to postage being made within the North Island of New Zealand and $45 for South Island. (This can be paid at time of order)

    B) Dylin’s Bridal’s responsibility ceases at time of collection/drop off with our chosen postal company.

    C) All items are packaged in a large garment bags and sent in boxed packaging.

    D) All items are sent through track and trace.  Tracking details will be sent and available on request.

    E) Dresses are packaged with the utmost care; however, we cannot guarantee damage in transit will not occur.  i.e. loose beading/pulling etc.  Dylin’s Bridal will not accept responsibility in the case of damage in transit.

    F) Please note that in the event of loss or damage of package, standard postage insurance only covers to the value of $250.  If additional insurance cover is required, please note this will be at your expense.  A quote can be given at time of postage.

  • Defects and Refund


    Returns are only acceptable if the dress has clear defects that are not able to be altered to the agreed design. If the dress is defective, and is not able to be fixed, Dylin’s Bridal will refund the deposit received minus shipping costs and appointment fees. For refund conditions please see below. Please note that a refund will only be issued provided the dress is in original condition, unworn, unaltered, unwashed, undamaged, and free of any lint, hair or other foreign substances.  

    A) For return requested out of a quality issue, we may need to send the tailors some in detail pictures or a video to          show the defect, wrong size etc.

    B) Buyer is responsible for all return shipping fees, except those out of a defective quality issue. In that case, return local shipping fee will be covered by Dylin’s Bridal.

    C) Refund is processed upon confirmation and inspection of the return to our tailors overseas which can take up to 6 - 10 weeks. Once our tailors have confirmed the defect, please allow up to a further 7 business days for the refund to appear in your account.  An e-mail notification will be sent to your email after the refund is completed.

  • Order Cancellations

    Please note that our dresses are made to order. The Tailoring process begins as soon as an order is placed. Once tailoring begins, materials cannot be reused for other dresses. So please do contact us to cancel or change orders within 24 hours. For changes, a corresponding change fee will apply ($50 to $250 depending on request).

    For cancellations, please refer to our cancellation policy below:

    ·Orders cancelled in 24 hours are eligible for a 50% refund of monies received excluding appointment fees.

    · After 24 hours you are no longer able to receive a refund unless the dress is defective as described in the clauses above.

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