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Please see the bottom of this page to complete form to send through dress selling on behalf enquires 


How does it work?

  • We sell dresses on behalf of clients, we do not buy preloved wedding dresses.

  • There is a $45 administration fee per gown, this is due when items are received.  

  • You are in control of the price of your dress.  We ask for a minimum and maximum amount to allow us movement with sales etc

  • There are 2 options for contract periods, 6 months or 12 months. 

  • Please send through photos of your dress before posting, we would like to see it before you send it to be sure its modern, good condition etc.

  • We only sell your wedding dresses, we do not sell Bridesmaids dresses and accessories on behalf.

Pricing Guidelines

  • The higher the price, the longer it takes to sell

  • Alterations costs can not be taken into account for the value of your dress.  Please note whoever buys your dress will have alterations to pay as well.

  • Your dress minimally halves in value within 2 years of purchasing

  • We will only accept dresses with a maximum in client hand value of $1200.  (that is what you get paid). Only current on trend dresses are expected to sell with our top in hand price. 

  • Pricing will be discussed once we receive your gown.

  • Exceptions to the rule with value - still with in current season and uniqueness of the dress

  • We do checks to see where your dress was purchased and what the current new price is.  Please do not try to get more or what you paid for your dress. 

For full details, please read our contract which can be found in our terms and conditions on the form submission below


If you want to go ahead and sell your dress through us, please complete steps below

  1. Complete on online form below - please do not post dress until we have responded to your submission.

  2. If you would like to talk to someone - please contact Anna for all Selling On Behalf enquiries -

  3. Pay the administration fee, and if clean is required, pay clean fee (Account details are on the contract and will be sent by email) - only do this once we have confirmed back that we have accepted your dress for sale. 

  4. Contact us to organize a time to drop off your dress or,

  5. Post your dress to us, Please ensure you use track and trace, use postal address 502 Auroa Road, RD28, Hawera 4678

  6. When posting your dress - please make sure your name is clearly visible for us to identify your dress.


  8. We only sell wedding dresses, please do not send accessories or bridesmaids dresses. If you do send anything other than a wedding dress we will return to you at your expense. 


Selling on Behalf Contract is Protected by Copyright - Created by Kylie Luond - April 2017

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