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What is my size?

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Dresses are measured and put into their closest size category. Please allow for a couple centimeter's discrepancy. If a dress has a lace-up back, size can be adjustable, please message to check fit before purchasing.

We have created our own universal sizing chart that we use against all dresses on rack in store.  We do not go off each dresses tagged sizes.  With dresses being made from all over the world, size categories are not in sync.  We have decided to have one system and measurements for each size category, every dress is measured and placed in a size on our universal list. Wedding Dresses tend to measure much smaller than everyday clothes. Whilst this may be the case for all sizes, size 14 and up can differ by several sizes.  You need to know you measurements to know what size category you fall in.  We have provided a size chart below to help you work out what size you fall into with our dresses. Below is our universal size chart and you will find instructions on how to measure yourself. 

All wedding dresses will need alterations to make the dress fit perfectly. Hemming is always required.  Please make sure you allow enough time to have alterations done before your wedding.  Check with your local seamstress to know what time they require to have alterations done in time for your wedding. This is a separate cost through a seamstress of your choice.

How do I measure myself?

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Please know that most brides of average height do not need to worry about the length of the gown being too short. Most brides will need their gown hemmed to the perfect length by their bridal seamstress, which is absolutely normal. When comparing your height to the length of each gown, please compare your hollow to hem measurement to the hollow to hem measurement of each gown. This measurement is “not” your actual height. The hollow to hem measurement is the measurement from the base of your neck (where your neck dips in) to the hem of where you would the hem to end. Try to get someone to help as you will need to stand up straight without looking down when taking this measurement. It is always a good idea to have the same or similar shoe height on that you plan to wear the day of the wedding. 


Most bridal gowns can be altered at least 1-2 sizes smaller, however, some bridal gowns usually can not be let out (made larger), since the interior seams are notched for the best couture fit. If your not sure please contact us about the specific dress and we can check it for you and discuss the possibilities. We also suggest consulting a local professional, experienced bridal seamstress so he/she can give you their opinion on whether they personally would be able to do the alterations. Our past brides have had positive success with taking the listed pictures to their local bridal seamstress to see if it is possible.


Please do not worry, you're not alone.  This is more common than you think.  Please send through your measurement's to us and we can help you find a dress that will work for your shape. 

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